All in one, Shopping

The Problem

How many ‘loyalty programs’ do you have at the moment? Do you ever use them all?
Endless number of cards, expired or forgotten at home ones, no information on redeemed values or special offers, plus tons of individual apps/websites to follow information on.

You just don’t have time for that!

The Solution

We’re bringing you tailored, right on time offers that matter exactly at the right time and spot you are. Get instant loyalty card, no long form filling, check on hot sales around you – all of that, with a single tap of a finger.

All one tap away

Key Features

We’re bringing you the one and only loyalty card you’ll ever need. Solution that is created with your comfort and experience in mind, you’ll find this loyalty card app so perfect that you will forget about physical cards forever. Here are some of our top features that you get free of charge:

All your one tap away

Instant card issue & special limited offers

Never it has been easier to get a loyalty card of your favoured shop or brand. Single tap of a finger, no long forms and writing – we complete all that information on your behalf. All you have to do is to enjoy the instant loyalty discount.

And it gets better – whenever you are close to your favourite shops and brand locations, we’ll give you a special offer tailored just for you. No strings attached, no obligations – just a wonderful shopping experience

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Collect at the spot

Evolve your shopping expericne with

Turn your phone into your loyalty card wallet and redefine your everyday shopping experience! Add all your loyalty cards to the app in seconds or issue a new one instantly with a tap of a finger, and use only one single card touchless for all loyalty programmes, get your favorite offers, and never miss a reward again – all that – for free!

• Save on spending wherever you go
• Earn rewards, get bonuses
• Unique and tailored offers directly in your wallet
• Always profitable and convenient shopping
• All loyalty cards combined in to one

Benefit from and be at the heart when loyalty shopping changes